Update the Voice on your Phone

Change the Voice of your Android Phone!



The HistOrigin® application makes extensive use of the text to speech (TTS) functionality of your phone. Some users may find the stock voice included with their phone to be unpleasant. If you are interested in downloading an improved, free, high definition voice for your phone that will replace the existing voice, follow these instructions.

For Phones using the Android Operating System:

On your phone, pull up the settings tab and click Settings ->



click Language and Input 

Language and Settings


Click Text To Speech Output

text-to-speech output


Click Google Text To Speech Engine

Google Text-to-speech


Click Install Voice Data

Install Voice Data


Select Language

Click on your language


Select Voice to download

Download Voice


Install Voice - When you download the voice, it will automaticaly install and configure the new voice in your phone.

Varying versions of the Android operating system display these menu items in different ways, but this instruction set should get you to the right place.